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Contest & conditions of participation

The contest's organiser is: Tipotsch Tourismus GmbH, 6275 Stumm, Dorfstrasse 30, Tyrol/Austria (subsequently: Hotel Tipotsch). As a participant you  agree to the following terms and conditions.

What can you win?
If you participate you stand the chance to win a voucher for an arrangement as described on Facebook.

How can you win?
You can participate by following Hotel Tipotsch on Facebook and commenting on the contest post.

Who may participate?
Any natural person of at least 18 years of age may participate; participation is free of charge. Automated contest services and contest associations are barred from taking part in the contest.

Who may not participate?
Hotel Tipotsch reserves the right to exclude single persons from participating in the contest in case of justified reasons such as the violation of existing terms of participation, manipulation and/or unlawful posts and posts containing insults, false facts, and brand-, competition and copyright violations. Hotel Tipotsch reserves the right to take legal action if necessary. Users are held responsible for any statutory violations. Hotel Tipotsch employees as well as their family members are excluded from participating in the Facebook contests. There is no right of appeal.

When does the contest take place?
The Facebook contest starts with the release of the content post and ends on 24. 04. 2023!

How and when will the winner be announced?
The end date of the contest will be announced on Facebook in due time. The winner will be determined on the final day of the contest in a closed session.

How will the winner be notified?
The result of the closed session will be published on Facebook on the same day. The winner will be announced on the Hotel Tipotsch homepage.

Consent to publication of name on our homepage
By participating in the contest you agree to have your name published on the Hotel Tipotsch website in case you win. You agree to have your name and, as the case may be, information you have made public on your Facebook profile (e.g. your place of residence) as well as the prize published on the Facebook contest site. 

How will you receive the prize?
The winner will be asked to contact Hotel Tipotsch and announce his/her address upon publication of the winner's name.

Data privacy statement
All data collected in the scope of the contest will solely be used by Hotel Tipotsch for the execution of the contest.

Indemnification of Facebook
This contest is organised and executed by Tipotsch Tourismus GmbH, 6275 Stumm, Dorfstrasse 30, Tyrol/Austria. Facebook is not affiliated with the contest in any way. Thus, Facebook is not available for further information regarding the contest. Any queries regarding this contests may be directed at Hotel Tipotsch.

Hotel Tipotsch reserves the right to adapt, modify or end the contest at any time. This can be caused by interfering acts of nature, legal reasons, technical reasons (e.g. faulty software or hardware) contest manipulations by third parties. Hotel Tipotsch cannot be held liable for consequences arising from participation in the contest that are beyond their area of accountability. Cash payout in lieu of the voucher is not permitted. Prizes cannot be transferred to third parties. There is no right of appeal.