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Hotel renovations

About me: Heinz
My name is Heinz Tipotsch and even though I still make sure our guests are enjoying their stay. While I enjoy playing golf and fishing in the nearby Märzengrund, acting is my true passion. I have been acting regularly since 1980 and still continue to do so.

A look back

When I was born in 1956, my father, timber merchant Hans Tipotsch, and my mother Loisi opened the first café and movie theatre in Stumm. In addition, they offered five guest rooms with “cold and warm running water”. In 1968, 1978 an then in 2006 my home was first rebuilt to become a pension that was later turned into a hotel with a cosy restaurant and café. 

A lot has happened since then. I have retired and my son Simon has taken over the hotel’s management. Together, we have decided that a new milestone in our hotel’s history would be the best way to end on era and herald the start of a new one. We have undertaken to renovate and extend the hotel, to modernise it without neglecting its unique charm. And even if we may not always agree – when it comes to design and wellbeing, my family and I tend to be on the same page.

Modern yet true Tyrolean comfort

After an intensive planning phase we started renovations in March 2019. The hotel’s second floor, which had already been existent, was knocked down completely and built up from scratch. Furthermore, a third floor was added and it now houses stylish panoramic rooms and suites, all of which are generously proportions and boast elegant furnishings and mind-blowing vistas. 

In touch with nature

One autumn day, my son and I took a walk through the forest together with the local ranger. When we had almost reached the forest’s fringes, we were allowed to personally select the Swiss pine trees that would be used by the craftsmen at Tischlerei Klausner in Kaltenbach to make cupboards and panelling for our guest rooms. Of course all trees were felled according to traditional customs and during the waning winter moon. After all, it is important to us to treat nature with respect. 

We solely use environmentally friendly geothermal energy in the new hotel. We have refurbished all our rooms with sustainable materials – floors made from real wood, and beds, which were manufactured at Bettenmanufaktur Eberharter, made of exquisite materials and fabrics. Z-Bau Luxner and other Tyrolean companies have supported us with their expertise throughout the renovation process.

Power place

Health plays a major role for us. The water coming out of our taps is vitalised by Grander technology, which has strengthening qualities for both body and soul. Just like in our PREMIUM ROOMS we used exquisite regional wood types that have a positive impact on the body. Their unique smells support general wellbeing and relaxation by decreasing the pulse and heart frequency and promoting deep relaxation. 

I could carry on forever … but why not find out for yourself? The new hotel has opened its doors in September 2019 and we are looking forward to welcoming you. In the meantime it is business as usual and our restaurant and café are open 365 days a year.